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Nov 23, 2013 1:00pm PST
with his -- might not be good for kathleen sebelius if the rollout doesn't improve and now fire her because he can get in a new hhs secretary. before he was stuck with the people that he had because there was no way he could -- the republicans were going to allow him to appoint nick else.demarc >> an open enemy of the administration. >> that's an important one. >> there's no way that the white house could get him out of there and implement a housing finance policy that they wanted which, you know, whether you agree with it or not is their right because they won the election. now they can do something about ed demarco. >> it goes to the point that they don't believe that the president is legitimate and they've been trying to do everything to undermine him and seeing more of it. i'm glad that the democrats took back an important tool. thank you to ryan and clarence. >> thank you. >> thanks, karen. >>> next, i talk with rising democratic star senator gillibrand just after the filibuster rules change and the senate adjourned. that gives her more time to get the 60 votes she needs to change the
Nov 16, 2013 1:00pm PST
nice to kathleen intel sebelius or a number of other people i could think of. >> it is striking me as interesting because the comments of these individuals, intentional or not, again, trying to undermine the legitimacy of the first african-american president, credibility, same thing with attorney general holder and there's no there there is obviously a great offense on many levels. but, you know, eric, we all kind of know how this game goes. right? they feel like they're justified going after eric holder because they feel like they were in office and we went after their folks they, i don't know, started a war and things like that. there's an idea of this false equivalency but to the point that e.j. was making about the votes rights act, it also strikes many e that, you know, these kinds of fake scandals -- >> yes. >> time and resources are dedicated to -- i had to do it myself. xeroxing pages and pageless of whatever to get documents instead of going after texas on voter i.d. laws or making sure that laws are being implemented the way they should be. so i mean, it's interesting to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2